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World of Communities - is a board cooperative game, simulator of community development

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The game play is closely models real life. Cooperation are your key to winning
World of Communities EcoSystem
The world of the community is not just a board game, it's a community of experts and specialists in community development.
41 Certified Masters
47 publications
890 game sessions
270 games sold
Game develops
The Skills that are needed in XXI century
learning skills
- Critical Thinking
- Creative Thinking
- Collaborating
- Communicating
- Functional reading skills
- Information Literacy
Life Skills
- Flexibility
- Initiative
- Social Skills
- Productivity
- Leadership
Citizen Skills
- Financial Literacy
- Tax Literacy
- Political Literacy
What's in it for you
- diagnose your team
- build a team
- identify informal leaders in your company
- increase the competences of youth
- develop leadership skills
- boost entrepreneurship skills
- learn about community development tools
- engage community members to decision making
- model community development scinarios
Are you unsure whether your team will handle your absence?
The game constantly puts the players in non-standard conditions. Check in practice whether your team can take effective collective and individual decisions without you.
Have a problem with integrating new employees into a team?
The game form will easily and simply give you the opportunity to become in their place, and to include them in joint work on the development of the team. The game provides an opportunity to try yourself in 8 different roles, which, in order to achieve the goal, are forced to co-operate and cooperate.
You are not sure who to promote career?
The game is like a small world, but absolutely self-sufficient. In the light gaming atmosphere, the actual (informal) community leaders are best shown.
Does the youth leave and does not return to the community?
Maybe young people do not see their role and importance in community development. Through the game, they learn not only about community development and the use of tools for such development. In the first place, they will be able to realize their significance and will receive a list of opportunities for further self-realization in their own community.
Do you need to raise the local economy?
The game helps to develop such rare in our time skills as financial, budget and tax culture, which is based on the superiority of the overall benefits of the individual. The game teaches that the community budget is a common money to be used for development and use to be controlled.
Do you have conflicting issues about the ways of community development?
Play these issues through gaming or your own scripts. It is likely that at the game table you will find common points of contact and compromise solutions. The 96 life situations provided by the game will allow you to take a different look at your role in the community and the meaning of other people for you.
Are you looking for new faces, new leaders?
The game demonstrates leadership qualities for those who are ready to take responsibility for achieving strategic goals, who are ready to make decisions on the priorities of community development and the use of certain development tools.
Game presentation and demo
The game #1 for community development
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In the box:

— 10 cards of scenario
— 32 cards - community development tools
— 96 cards - life circumstances
— Municipality and 12 infrastructure objects that can be build in community
— 10 private objects and 2 type of property that can be owned by community members
— 8 game roles
— progress points
— game field
— 10 cards for facilitation (mayor instruction)
— game money
— rules
Language: Ukrainian
Mykhailo Voitovych
Game designer, business analyst, independent consultant
Taras Tymchuk
Independent consultant, facilitator, community development consultant
Oleksandra Voitovych-Shevchenko
Assistant, beta-tester
Student of the 5th class of the Lutsk gymnasium № 4 named after Modest Levytsky.
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